November 23, 2016
Colorado Springs Business Journal (CSBJ)

Centered atop a small hill near Chapel Hills in Colorado Springs, Colorado, sitting in perfect view of a lightly, snow-topped Pikes Peak, a small ad agency is expanding far and wide to make a difference in the Colorado community.

Starting as a small in-house ad company within Phil Long Audi’s building in June 2011, AdPro 360 became their own LLC in early 2015 and was soon named one of the fastest growing companies in Colorado by the Colorado Springs Business Journal after being nominated in August 2016.

Presented by Northwestern Mutual and Peak Internet, AdPro 360 celebrated their success at the awards reception on October 13th, 2016, dressed in 1920s inspired attire. AdPro 360 received their award and a stunning reward for their efforts within the community.

So how did AdPro 360 rise so quickly to the top?

Lead by the top industry experts specializing in all areas of marketing and advertising, AdPro concentrates on improving company growth by combining both traditional and modern methods of media to help drive traffic toward your business. Whether it is radio, TV, newspaper, direct mail campaigns, or digital marketing, AdPro will create the perfect campaign to suit your company’s growth development desires.

AdPro 360 has previously worked with 12-15 automotive companies within the Phil Long Automotive family, and the company is only growing. AdPro is more than just shiny new cars, however. While this agency’s primary focus is automotive, they have worked with clients like ValuCar, Academy Carpeting and Flooring, Medikey, Francois Ford, Mt. Carmel, and they continue to develop their client base.

AdPro employs a team of hard-working and experienced individuals that dedicate their time and focus their skills on helping businesses grow. AdPro offers a wide range of services from content writing to programmatic advertising to SEM and so much more.

With many satisfied clients, successful results, and undeniably hard work from a team of dedicated experts, AdPro delivers a complete return on investment, uses multiple channels to customize a campaign unique to your business, and provides full or al-a-carte style services.

Congratulations to the AdPro Team for their continued success and contribution to the community!