Frequently Asked Questions

Search engines rank your website and pages based on an algorithm and which webpages hold the most relevant results. It is the pages that have valuable or optomized content that stands out to these algorithms as relevant information and based on that information your are ranked and appear within the search engines.

Applying Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices such as keywords, meta descriptions, and links is what will get your site to stand out to be ranked and with a higher ranking there will be increased traffic and consumer trust.

Social Media has become a part of brand awareness during the stage of the sales funnel. These platforms allow businesses to connect with their targeted audience and help them through the content and links to learn more to bring them through your sales funnel.

Digital Marketing brings awareness to the brand and shares information on the product/services that the business provides while engaging with your target audience and monitoring online reputation.

Digital Advertising advertises the business and promotes the products/services, offers discounts and sales while attracting customers who are ready to purchase.

Digital Marketing establishes the target audience and Digital Advertising brings the targeted audience to sales.

On-page SEO is the content and back-end optimization that is done to your website to improve your ranking. Such as, meta tags and headers with keywords.

Off-page SEO is the content that is not directly on your website but relates back to it. Such as, domain authority and backlinks.

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