At AdPro, we still buy the old-fashioned way, one rate at a time. We sit face-to-face with your local media reps and negotiate every single rate, getting it at the lowest price we can and still have it run. We also check every single commercial invoice to make sure the spot runs at the right rate, at the right time. It’s called post-analysis and very few media buyers buy this way anymore. We think it should be a given, and it’s the kind of service you can expect when you partner with AdPro.

AdPro is one of the largest advertisers in the state of Colorado. What does that mean to you? BUYING POWER. We are not only able to negotiate low rates, even in the premium time periods, we are also able to secure significant value-added media weight, making your media presence even more dominant for a much lower financial investment.

Our complete media services include:

  • Media Research Tools
  • Big Screen Strategies
  • Small Screen Strategies
  • Traditional Media
    • Network TV
    • Cable
    • Radio
    • Print
    • Outdoor
    • Theater
  • Digital Media
    • OTT
    • Streaming audio
    • Value-Added Negotiation
  • CO-OP Services
    • Research
    • Application
    • Submission
    • Tracking
    • Administration